Voxal Voice Changer Download Free [2022]

Do you want to prank a friend by changing your voice into a ghost or baby voice? If you want to have fun by manipulating and playing with the voices and adding more color to your gaming experience then a voice changer is perfect for you.

Voxal Voice changer is a software used to change the voice. It has a feature to change voice into many other voices, it has many options which users prefer to use. In this software, a user can easily change, modify and disguise a voice by choosing any option.

Users can change their voice and use it in any application or game. The changes in voice options are limitless: From a ‘girl’ to an ‘Alien’, users can select an opportunity of their preference. One can change voice for audio projects and other work as well.

What is Voxal Voice Changer?

With the help of this software, you can change your voice for podcasts, video games, or avatars. Voice Disguiser is used for anonymity for any project over the internet.

It is available to work while integrating with other apps. So if you want to use it in any other app you don’t have to change the configuration or add extra settings. It works flawlessly with other applications and alone as well.

This software allows you to use voice effects in real-time and also helps to modify recorded sounds.

Features of Voxal Voice Changer

This app is responsible for not only distorting your voice but also has a list of options that can be applied to your voice. Indeed you found multiple options for changing the pitch of the voice where you just needed a slight change in your voice.

Click-voice Modification

Users have multiple options of effects that they can apply to the sounds. It supports editing the ready-made effects. Along with that, you can also preset your settings by using the equalizers for the audio files. It let users create different sounds by exploring the extensive options for setting parameters. 

Users can also save the effects that they have created by applying different modifiers. It also lets you listen live to the effect of the sound modifier you have applied.

Voice-Changer for External Applications

The gamers know how much fun it can be to disguise their voice while playing online with other players. This software allows you to change your voice while gaming. This software can be applied in any game such as CSGO, Rainbow 6, Battlefield 6, Second Life, or any other game. It also lets you change your voice while using an app like Skype, YouTube, Facebook Live, or Instagram Live to have fun while talking to your friends.

User-friendly Interface

This software has the simplest interface that is easy to understand. Users can get the software without watching any tutorials or guides.  This lightweight software doesn’t affect the performance of the system. Users can also create shortcuts for the voice effect they prefer the most.

Real-Time Voice Changing

This software allows users to have voice effects in real-time. That means the user can change or modify the sound while having a conversation on audio calls or in the game. They can choose different options in one go. For instance, while playing a game a user can change his voice from a girl to an alien with just one click.

Other notable features of this app are:

  • Compatible with all your favorite programs
  • Create voices for the characters in the audiobooks
  • Low CPU usage
  • While gaming, no performance hit the FPS
  • It works perfectly fine with any output whether it is a headset or the microphone
  • Create unlimited customized vocal effects

Pros and Cons of Voxal

With so many effects and features, the software has one or two glitches that can be ignored easily in front of such unlimited advantages. This friendly-use software can be a game-changer for many people as it let you create different stuff while using any voice you want to.

Pros Of Voxal

Let us have a look at the prominent pros of this software;

  • Immense compatibility with different apps and third-party plug-ins
  • It assigns hotkeys and a straightforward UI.
  • Doesn’t put a burden on the functionality of the system
  • Unlimited voices option and their customization as well
  • Real-Time or Recording mode

Cons Of Voxal

With so many features, this app sometimes shows some glitches that affect the performance of the software.

  • Some of the effects are not available for free
  • Some of the apps require restarting while integrating with this software.


So this software is the simplest one to change the gender of your voice while having fun with your friends or playing any game. It works perfectly fine with both; Windows and macOS. It can also let you apply the effects that are already present on your hard drive. The user just has to drag the sound and drop it on the main interface of the app, and you are good to go to apply as many effects as you want.

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